A year round non-profit club dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, social activities, race trips, Skier’s Night Out (SNO), visits to other cities, etc., etc.! Member of the Flatlands Ski Association. Skiers and non-skiers join for the fun and the camaraderie. Singles, couples, families, people of all ages from various backgrounds come to our meetings and activities. Skiing experience is not required. Non-members are always welcome. Bring a friend!

Who goes on our trips?

EVERYBODY! Singles, singlettes (married but spouse doesn’t ski…seriously, why are you still married???), retirees, couples, families, grandparents, grandkids, young adults and senior adults.  Bottom line, if you like to ski or snowboard, you go with our club.  We cater to all age groups, family types and individuals!

Single? No worries…since our rooms are all booked double occupancy, we will always do our best to pair you up with another person of the same sex and age group, as well as personality, whenever possible.  That’s another great reason to come to events all year long, so you can meet others and possibly travel together! It’s a great way to coordinate who’s bringing the food and who’s bringing the alcohol!

Of course, if you have any questions about a potential roomie, you can always contact your trip captain.  I guess the best question is, who DOESN’T go on our trips? The answer is: people who don’t know how much fun it is to travel with a group, leave the driving to us and benefit from group travel discounts!


The Oklahoma City Ski Club, Inc. was established to operate as a non profit social and recreational club within the meaning of Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as amended, (or the corresponding division of any future United States Internal Revenue law) and shall operate and exist in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area for the primary purpose of promoting interest, participation and safety in the sport of snow skiing and other sports, and participation in social activities.


2021-2022 Officers

President – Randy Carter

VP of Operations – Melissa Breding

VP of Winter Trips – Ryan Breding

Treasurer/FSA Chair – Kelli Kinnamon

Secretary – Dolores Hopeman

Membership Chair – Bette Wood

Website & Publications – Kathy Veros – kathy.veros@gmail.com

Hospitality – Pam Dunbar

FSA Rep – Stefanie James

Legal Advisor – Victoria O’Kain

Board Member – BJ Jones

Board Member – Stan Solo

Board Member – Charlie Wood


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PO Box 54912
Oklahoma City, OK