Winter Trips

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Trip Tips

Some of you may not know, but if you pay your trip in full when you sign up, you get to pick your spot on the bus!

We also have a new, secure location for people to park while we are away on trips.  We are parking at the OKC Will Rogers Airport Overflow Parking Lot #1.  You will turn left before you enter the terminal area and signage will be provided.  The cost is around $5 per day.

Don’t forget, you can earn $25 off your trip for each person you get to join the Ski Club…get 4 people to join and you get $100 off!

Trips are how the club is able to operate…our membership fees are low and allow us to host meetings, have a website and keep our members informed via a newsletter and social media, but trips are really the heart of this organization and we have to pay a lot of money up front to reserve lodging and transportation for each of our trips well in advance.  So, invite your friends and thank you for your support!!

To view the trip list at a glance, click here!!

Trip Application

Click Here to Download Trip Application

Want to go on a trip? Fill out this trip application, and mail it to the Trip Captain along with your deposit or full payment, depending upon the date. Check individual trips to see when your money is due.

#1 Crested Butte

#1 Crested Butte - Best stocking stuffer ever! FREE SKI...The perfect Christmas gift! December 5-10, 2018 4 days of Skiing – [...]

#2 Wolf Creek

#2 Wolf Creek - Calling all powder hounds! Home of "The Most Snow in Colorado" January 18th - 22nd, 2019 3 [...]

#4 Taos February 15-19, 2019

#4 - Taos - New Mexico Charm, Deep & Steep! Three FULL Days of skiing over Presidents Day weekend! 3 full days [...]

#5 Innsbruck, Austria

#5 Innsbruck, Austria March 3rd - 11th 6-day Adult Ticket $1799   Skiers 65 and older will pay $1764.  Those who do [...]

#6 Telluride

#6 Telluride  April 3rd - 8th, 2019 3 days of Skiing/Boarding $747 until Feb. 17th or $772 thereafter Includes 3 day [...]


Trip Policies

Even fun loving skiers/boarders like us have a few rules. We strongly suggest you read them. Trip Policies

Sleeper Buses

The original sleeper bus was made specifically for OKC Ski Club…way back in the day! However, it is our standard way to get to the mountain and is perhaps the most affordable, logical and comfortable way to travel to Colorado and New Mexico.

Our sleeper buses have seats designed to make bunks so that you can actually rest lying down! There are 2 types:  Uniquely-designed, the first type of sleeper bus transports 40 people arranged in 10 booths, with four seated comfortably per booth. Each booth converts into two bunk beds so people can lay horizontally and sleep while driving overnight to their destination. The second type of sleeper bus has regular upright seating that converts into bunks for sleeping.  The type of bus will depend on which bus is available for each trip.  Passengers typically bring a pillow and either a blanket or sleeping bag (so the guys won’t get cooties if they’re laying next to another guy!). Some also bring sleeping aids and earplugs.

Traveling this way has many advantages:

  • You travel while you are asleep, saving precious daylight hours for skiing.
  • Your luggage remains with you at all times in the luggage area on bottom of the bus.
  • A professional driver is trained to drive overnight through ice, snow and over mountain passes.
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed on the bus.
  • The booth design encourages interaction with others on the trip and provides comfortable roominess to play games such as cards.
  • You don’t have to stay in your seat the entire time and can stretch and mingle with other passengers.
  • Dividing up travel costs with 39 other people really cuts the transporation costs.  Many times, the entire trip price is what you would have to pay in fuel just to drive yourself!
  • Your meal on the return trip is provided and paid for in advance as part of your trip cost. Many people also bring snacks and games to share.